Norpol line of initiators changed to Norox

United Initiators has decided to rebrand the Norpol line of initiators, which will be now be sold under the tradename Norox. The new naming will come into effect at the start of the next year.

New names of all Norpol products can be found below.

Norpol Norox
Norpol 1 Norox KP-9
Norpol 10 Norox KP-100
Norpol 11 Norox MEKP-925H
Norpol 13 Norox KMP
Norpol 18 Norox MCP-75
Norpol 19 Norox MCP-99
Norpol 24 Norox CHM-50
Norpol 28 Norox MCP
Norpol 30 Norox PD-40